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Hassan Nor in his first gallery exhibit
The Art of Hassan Nor at Third Place Gallery, 2016

Pamela Gaard introduced the art of Hassan Nor to Wing Young Huie, who generously granted him a one-night event in the gallery to show his work to the public. This event took place at Third Place Gallery, Minneapolis, in the Summer of 2016. It was a family affair and Nor's daughter, Farhia, prepared the food, and his granddaughter, Aisha, read her poetry.

Adeer (Uncle) Nor’s drawings depict a utopian vision showing peace and abundance from his memories of home, and also occasionally the tragedy and struggles that he remembers as well. He draws on life events including his journey to America, and his new life here. His romantic vision shows men and women in love relationships, and families; often a story will evolve from the drawing.

Also at this event, Somali-Swedish writer, Awes Osman, read in English and Somali from his latest novel ~ at Third Place Gallery, Minneapolis.

Thanks to Interpreters: Halwa Hussein and Ahmed Ismail Yusuf.