About the Artist

Pamela Gaard, b. Minneapolis 1955

My art contemplates the revealed and the concealed. Being quite private in nature, I won't always tell you the 'meaning' of my work -- perhaps the meaning is an independent exploration of each individual viewer.

Being a daughter of the schmatte trade — growing up amid zippers, buttons, threads and textiles — influenced my early work as an artist. Bridging painting and sculpture, these works united textiles, found objects and metals -- wire, sawblades, bedsprings -- along with toys, beads, ribbons, and detritus sometimes considered "illegitimate " in high art.

My more recent abstract and language-based works explore time, memory, and healing. My drawings, paintings and collages are meditations on everyday life.

For many years I have made photographs, and for approximately ten years I have painted portraits of people from life. My photos and painted portraits honor unsung heroes from the fabric of our culture -- persons from all walks of life, from various backgrounds and economic status, including immigrants and the elderly, art collectors & other artists, neighbors, friends, and colleagues. These portraits capture and record a person’s visage and psychology in a moment of time — faces which might otherwise go unnoticed; people unseen, as we pass them by on the street.